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Enables companies to manage and control every process of their companies online and integrated.

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DBP Modules and Capabilities

Explore all the features and capabilities you can access with DBP

Accounting Management

Accounting & General Ledger, Accounting Management, Input/Output, Invoices, Budgeting, Assests and Liabilities

Marketing Tools

Lead Management, Opportunities, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Affiliate System, SEO

Human resources management

Training & Education, Hire and Interview, Performance Analysis, Administrarive Automation, Salary, Rollcall & Attendance


Sales & Deals Management, Invoicing, Contracts, Contacts, Commission Automation, Sales Support System

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Loyalty, Customer Club, Customer Services, Contact History, Customer Segmentation

Customer Support & Ticketing

Customer Support, Ticket Managment, Call Center, Customer Success, Ticketing Automation

Production line process management

Material Planning, Production Planning, Production Control, Tools Management, Repair & Restore Planning

Inventory management

Inventory Management, Just-in-Time, Inventory Accounting, Inventory Logistics, Input/Output Management

Cloud Storage

Dedicated Cloud, Dedicated Server, File Management, Document Management, Access Management, Backup Tools


Process Automation, Management Automation, Task Automation, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Production Automation

Quality Management

Documents Control, Production Quality Management, Customer Delivery, Quality Assurance, Quality Standards

Health and Safety Program

Health Management, Safty Management, Insurance Management, Risk Management, Critical Process Management

Have Perfect Control

Optimize every process in your company and even discover new business models and revenue streams.

Business platform is the foundation for the digital transformation. Awebco business Platform is a complete and customized software that provides your company advanced capabilities such as tools to automate the manual processes that slows your business down. Analytics to react market shifts in real time, and a fabulous customer relationship to stay current and gain competitive advantage.

We will build for you a customized business platform with every modules and processes you need in order to run your business from a whole integrated platform, and seamlessly integrate our DBP with ERP, CRM, AR, IoT technologies and more.

What Makes Us Different?

A DBP-enabled framework for discrete industries:

For many businesses, the digital thread begins with customer engagement. This is where marketing, sales, and accounting is linked to services and products. This information, along with its derivative needs to be leveraged bi-directionally, across teams and systems. Including services, production, manufacturing, IT and quality among others. With a DBP system in place you create the foundation for the digital thread and provide all required stakeholders with access to real-time data they need, when they need it.

Customer Success Stories

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Customer Satisfaction

“By using DBP capabilities, Ravesh Research and Education offers variety of psychological tests and a complete digital process for its clients all over the world. ”


“Empowered by DBP, DDESIN Architectural Design Company, Use Cloud Storage, File Management and Also Project Management Modules all integrated and Customized ”


“DBP helps us in AWEBCO to automate all our processes. We also implement OKR, Agile Methodologies and Product development tools alongside all marketing and sales automated solutions. ”


“With the power DBP, Melkasan changed the whole real estate management process in the country. The real value of properties calculated with precise algorithms for creating a better buying process for the customers.”


Case Studies

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